Is 11:11 a Twin Flame Sign? | 11:11 a Twin Flame Connection & Reunion Sign?

If seeing 11:11 is a twin flame sign for twin flame connection and twin flame reunion and if so, why? OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT WANT TO SEE: __________________________________________ POSITIVES & NEGATIVES OF #11 TWIN FLAME PLAYLIST ANGEL REPEATING…

Is 11:11 a Twin Flame Sign? | 11:11 a Twin Flame Connection & Reunion Sign?

Angel Numbers Meaning & Symbolism – How Can They Help Me?

There are a lot of people who have never been able to understand what Angel Numbers Mean and Symbolism are involved. So, in this article I will try to explain what Angel Numbers Mean and what symbolism are involved and hopefully by the end of it, you will understand what angel numbers mean and what […]

Angel Numbers Meaning & Symbolism – How Can They Help Me?

#EOTalks 15: In Its Proper Place: Afrocentricity and Kemet by TRISTAN SAMUELS

Cover picture by Tristan Samuel: Statue of Amenemhat III, Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Join us on zoom on November 20h for the fifteenth of our 2020 #EOTalks series! This event will feature Tristan Samuel, who will talk about Afrocentricity and Kemet (aka ancient Egypt). rsvp here by Tristan Samuels Abstract Due to European colonialism, it is […]

#EOTalks 15: In Its Proper Place: Afrocentricity and Kemet by TRISTAN SAMUELS


(Please note that this is merely an introductory post and we wont go deep into the topic. It is basically meant to familiarize you with the topic before we go deeper) For my first post I would like to discuss the first two ancient African civilizations; Kush and Kemet. These names may not be acquainted […]


November 15 Moon Goddess’ Current Phase

Today the Moon will be in a New Moon phase. During this phase the Moon is to close to the sun in the sky to be visible. The moon rises and sets with the sun and is not present in the night sky. Because of this the night sky is darker and an excellent time […]

November 15 Moon Goddess’ Current Phase

ìYÀMÍ ÀJẸ́- Witches or Sacred Mothers?

Pay no mind to the words/works of Afrikan Christian/Muslim scholars. A large number of them had to twist their school of thoughts to maintain the greatest part of their mental slavery.

As a result, on the continent today; many youths find pleasure in lynching women who manifest.

An ìYÀMÍ ÀJẸ́ is not evil. The concept is broad. Every woman with a womb is an ìYÀMÍ. An ìYÀMÍ ÀJẸ́ could also mean one who possesses powers of divine.

These ones with powers of divine could either be in spirit realm, human form or WINGED form. The ones who have been incarnated in physical form would then meet with the spirit of other female ancestors to discuss matters. They group up into sacred societies to defend and enrich our lands and anyone who calls on their spirits for assistance.Contrary to the indoctrinated continental film and literature accounts of them meeting to ruin lives, they meet to discuss the threats against their families and the community, then sought to eliminate the threats. Just as every mother would discipline a stubborn child, the sacred ones also discipline “stubborn children.”

When KhepeRa came into being for the first time, he needed Ma’at (The winged Goddess of Balance, Order, law and Truth) to “lay the foundation”. According to the Yoruba creation story, Orisha Nla, laid the foundation of the earth with the help of a Winged Being. The Yorubas believe awon ìYÀMÍ ÀJẸ́, are the Onile(Earth owners). You hear the Shamans, Gods and Priests refer to them as ẹyin Iya ti o ni Aye(The mothers that own the world). As a result, you can assert the first thing to be created was a WINGED being- if the WINGED weren’t here first. You can also identify the Sun God with an Eagle/Falcon. Why did it have to be a being that flies- the female even?

When you see the Goddess Ma’at, you see wings. This is why they regard the ìYÀMÍ ÀJẸ́ as Ẹ́LẸ́YẸ́ (The One like a bird). Till date, many people in Africa, still see women shapeshift into birds to fly or land. Every Neteru is identified with a certain animal.

However, shape shifting doesn’t mean evil. It is simply manifesting your knowledge of ONENESS with the universe. When you have knowledge of self to a height, you can pick on any form to accomplish whatever you want.They do not offer their children to covens as sacrifices. When their children are inflicted with pain or death, it is simply because the child risked compliance and turned a weak link from threats. This is why you also need to manifest the divine within you. No woman manifesting already will be so ignorant to sacrifice gifts from her womb.

We need the feminine energy and concepts(ìYÀMÍ) to ensure progress in any society. Ra used his wings to measure the mountains and would soar over all that had been created to ensure balance was present in everything- This is the state many might also consider as Astral Projecting- they take on a WINGED form to soar over the affairs of the world. It is only the awareness that makes you know it is you. But if anyone saw you, it would have been a winged animal that was seen.

Furthermore, there is a difference between a Witch and an ìYÀMÍ ÀJẸ́. A witch could mean one who is credited with supernatural powers- a priestess can sometimes be credited with supernatural powers. A witch could also mean a HAG or HOGOBLIN- which is highly disrespectful to the ones that protect children. An ìYÀMÍ ÀJẸ́ on the other hand, is a Sacred Mother- as sacred in the sense of being worthy of veneration- of high value and importance- INVIOLABLE. Never a witch, but a mother who was present at creation of all beings.

There are various types in ONE;

The ones the earth belongs to and agreed to share it- they get upset by the foolishness of men that insults the earth- just like Ma’at, they are the law and judges.The ones that visit from out of the earth to appease the ones vexed at the destruction of the earth- they bring peace and order, they protect children, healing of the lands, mind, body and spirit- just like Ma’at, they are known for truth and order.The ones that appreciate the ways of all worlds- they show off balance- they bring chaos to generate peace- they bring fire to appease water- air to cool the earth- the ones that always listen when you report a transgressor.Lynching, hating, cursing and running from sacred mothers only symbolizes an ungrateful gesture, killing them will only make them return with a vengeful spirit- creating an unfortunate karmic debt for yourself. As a result, lands which used to be green, are turning yellow. We need the full spirituality of our Mothers, Queens, Wives, Sisters and Daughters to manifest. It’s about time to stone the STONE PERSECUTORS. ✊🏿Victory is certain.Hail ìYÀMÍ ÀJẸ́ Mo Jù ìdìDon’t Hate them!
Protect Women!
Don’t Hurt them!

Connection between Astrology & Numerology

What is Astrology? Astrology is the study of planets, movements of these planets and their placement and influence on individual’s life. What is Numerology? Similar like Astrology, Numerology replaces signs with numbers. It is the study of numbers, their characteristics and their impact on individual’s life. Connection between Astrology and Numerology Astrologers make the birth […]

Connection between Astrology & Numerology

November 13 Northwestern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions

The time for this Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Los Angeles, California, United States of America  November 13, 2020 02:00 pm GMT 6:00 AM PT Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western) Sun:21 Scorpio 39 Moon:28 Libra 32 Mercury:03 Scorpio 02 Venus:20 Libra 10 Mars:15 Aries 14 Rx Jupiter:22 Capricorn 59 Saturn:27 Capricorn 00 […]

November 13 Northwestern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions